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Myths about STDs and Pregnancy

Unsure if your friend told you a myth or the truth about pregnancy prevention? Watch the video below to learn for yourself. 




Can you tell by looking at someone that he or she has an STI? No!

Many STIs, including HIV, often show no symptoms for quite some time, so many people who have an STI don't even know it. In fact, 1 in 2 sexually active people will get an STI by the age of 25 and won't know unless they get tested.


Can a woman get pregnant if she is on her period? Yes!

A woman is at risk of getting pregnant every time she has unprotected sex. The only way to prevent a pregnancy is by using a condom, a birth control method, or by practicing abstinence. 


Can douching/ cleansing/bathing prevent pregnancy? No!

Vaginal cleansing, regardless of what you are using, does not prevent pregnancy. The only thing that can help prevent pregnancy after having unprotected sex is using Plan B aka "morning after pill," which you and your partner can get at the pharmacy without a prescription if you are 17 years old or older.


Is the pull out method effective? Sort of...

The pull out method is only effective if you or your partner pulls out before he ejaculates or "cums." The best way to be sure and play it safe is to use a more reliable method of birth control, such as a condom, an IUD, or some other form of birth control.


Can you get pregnant if you have sex in a body of water (pool, hot tub, beach) ? Yes!

Whether you have sex in a pool, a hot tub, or in the ocean/beach you can still get pregnant if he ejaculates or "cums" inside of you. Sperm is not "killed" by the heat in the hot tub, salt in the sea water, or the chlorine in the pool. Always use a reliable method of birth control.


Can my parents find out through the insurance company or the clinics about my birth control pills or if I have an abortion? Sort of!

It depends on the insurance. Mostly yes if a parent looks at their explanation of benefits, then yes. Not everyone takes the time to do this but it is possible your parents might see something that was covered and call their insurance company to see what it was that they covered.


If your partner smokes cigarettes or uses drugs, can his sperm count be low? Yes!

Yes. Smoking cigarettes regularly and doing drugs (like marijuana or cocaine) can regularly lower sperm count. However, on average a male ejaculates 300 million sperm, so just because his sperm count is lower doesn't mean he can't get someone pregnant. If someone is trying to get pregnant it is better for the health of the fetus and their chances of getting pregnant that neither partner smokes or does drugs.


How long after you have had an abortion can you get pregnant?

A woman can get pregnant as soon as she ovulated again, which can happen at any point after the pregnancy is terminated.


How long can sperm stay in your body and can you get pregnant if the sperm is in there for a few days?

 Sperm can live inside a woman's body for up to 9 days (on average 7 days) and she can get pregnant if she ovulates and there is sperm inside her.